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Post types and rewrite problems

Today I had a big problem with permalinks and custom post types in a project. It’s simply don’t work.

After a search in blogsphosphere i found two interesting articles about:

Think Vitamin by: Richard Shepherd
In article: Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type

It’s a full complet example about creating post types in wordpress. From begin to problems soluctions.


Mark S. Kolich’s blog

In article: 10 Awesome .htaccess Hacks for Movable Type

This text is about modification directly in .htcacess archive. With 10 examples it’s comes to cover the most of questions about.

It’s all!
Open Source is everything!
See ya folks .o/


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iPad development

Last week i worked together with the @DMI_Comunicacao develop team, to production of a magazine advertisement for your iPad version. It’s was developed at HTML5 and some JS libraries.

This experience was very good and funny, cuz it was my first job to iPad and i’m very excited with this.

More information in the @DMI_Comunicacao blog:

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