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Solving a pagination problem with 3.0+ wordpress version

When we are using this permalink method :

% category%/%postname%

The “beauty link” appears like this:

So the WP understand that page is a name of a page or post. To solve it Remiz Rahnas ‘ve created a very simple plugin. This solution use only ONE hook and save lifes in 11 lines.

Author URL: Remiz Rahnas

Saw at Economizando Bytes (Brazilian Portuguese blog)!


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Post types and rewrite problems

Today I had a big problem with permalinks and custom post types in a project. It’s simply don’t work.

After a search in blogsphosphere i found two interesting articles about:

Think Vitamin by: Richard Shepherd
In article: Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type

It’s a full complet example about creating post types in wordpress. From begin to problems soluctions.


Mark S. Kolich’s blog

In article: 10 Awesome .htaccess Hacks for Movable Type

This text is about modification directly in .htcacess archive. With 10 examples it’s comes to cover the most of questions about.

It’s all!
Open Source is everything!
See ya folks .o/

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XML-Gallery WordPress plugin

XML-Galley is a simple and efficient plugin to use a xml gallery. You can use this with flash movies that needs xml files to load anything or to show the cadastred items.

To show the items in your blog without flash movies the XML-Gallery have a native function to do this.

How to use the XML-Gallery plugin without a flash movie to load this

The XML-Gallery plugin have a native function to load and show the gallery. To use this is so easy look:

if(function_exists('xml_gallery_theme')) {


if(function_exists('xml_gallery_theme')) {
xml_gallery_theme("<li class=\"itenGallery\">","</li>");

Visit the XML-Gallery WordPress extend page:


New WordPress Theme

WordPress theme print screen

WordPress theme print screen

Hi you,

Today i did a WordPress Theme. This can be see at

Nothing too complicated, but this layout is very beatiful! The layout by Rômulo Lebre (see the Rômulo Lebre’s blog too) is so simple and elegant.

Dude, i realy did like it! So clean and direct. Just it, show what’s the blog say!

Well, look by yourself and feel what i want to say!

Ps.: Coming soon, a WordPress plugin! Don’t forget it!

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Coming soon good news!

Hi evebody,

Coming soon i’ll post more 2 examples but, these aren’t for studies these are real usable examples. One will a wordpress plugin and another a complete horizontal as3 galery with menu, light box and tween horizontal with images.

Ah! this’ll have preloaders too in the thumbs and light boxed’s images =P

Coming soon people, coming soon..


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