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New WordPress Theme

WordPress theme print screen

WordPress theme print screen

Hi you,

Today i did a WordPress Theme. This can be see at

Nothing too complicated, but this layout is very beatiful! The layout by Rômulo Lebre (see the Rômulo Lebre’s blog too) is so simple and elegant.

Dude, i realy did like it! So clean and direct. Just it, show what’s the blog say!

Well, look by yourself and feel what i want to say!

Ps.: Coming soon, a WordPress plugin! Don’t forget it!


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Coming soon good news!

Hi evebody,

Coming soon i’ll post more 2 examples but, these aren’t for studies these are real usable examples. One will a wordpress plugin and another a complete horizontal as3 galery with menu, light box and tween horizontal with images.

Ah! this’ll have preloaders too in the thumbs and light boxed’s images =P

Coming soon people, coming soon..



This is a temporary blog! Not my official web adress..

The i`m making 😉

so, enjoy it for now

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Manipulating Image position and axis with mouse moviment in AS3

Hey ya,

Studing as3 and at be asked about to do a simple and famous papervision effect without this library for a client, i decide to do a example to simulate it.

So I think, “Man, that’s it! I accept the challenge! Starting in AS3, a little child in that language and without papervision .. Oh man, you got me!”.

I like challenges, and this is one of my greatest gifts! I like to be like that but… This post is to talk about the as3 example, right

In this process i decide to do a example that other people can see, learning and use in your studies.

Thats all, any question, ask or sugestion will be very much well received at or in this post comments.

The online example can be looked at

see ya

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